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[May. 22nd, 2005|07:55 am]
Angel Requests
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[music |dashboard confessional--hands down]

Could somebody make me an icon with the scene from the Angel episode in season 2 "Through the Looking glass." where Lorne goes to talk with his mother, and his brother Numfar does the dance of joy?

The scene goes something like this:

LORNE: Well, enough of this sentimental reminiscing. Just a couple of quick questions, then I'll skeddadle. You remember back around five years ago when I first disappeared - did you notice anything - odd?

MOM: We noticed feasting and celebrations. Your brother Numfar did the dance of joy for three moons. Numfar! Do the dance of joy.

(Numfar -- who is played by no other but Joss Whedon himself-- starts some weird dance routine, which includes some kicks and hops as well as tapping himself repeatedly on the head.)


MOM: No longer do the dance of Joy, Numfar!

I would like it to have Numfar, and Lorne's mother in it, with the quote "No longer do the dance of joy, Numfar!", but if's that's too long then "Dance of Joy" will do.
If somebody could make this for me I would be so greatful and build a shrine in their honor ;)