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Angel Requests

not fade away....

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1. This is a community for Angel fans that would like to request Icons, Friends Only graphics, or anything else graphic that's relevant to livejournal use.

2. This community doesn't have to be solely for requests, it can also be a place to post any of your Angel related work.

3. Anyone is free to join.

4. This is an Angel only community, meaning that Angel material, not Buffy material is to be posted. If you are making a multi-fandom post, that is fine, as long as it has Angel material in it, and Angel material is what you use in the teaser. Keep in mind that there is buffy_requests where you can request Buffy related items.

5. If you're posting more than 4 icons, or a large image, please use an lj cut.

6. Please do not advertise other communities here.

Screencap Sites:
Angel Screenshots
Angel Screencaps (Only for Angel the character)
Screencappiness (Angel, Buffy, and Alias)
Freeze Frame Network (Includes Buffy & Angel caps)
Romance on BtVS (Includes Buffy & Angel caps)
Dusk 'til Dawn (Includes Buffy & Angel caps)
Faith's Solace (Caps of Faith from Buffy and Angel)
Angel Season 5
Buffy Screenshots
A Buffy Screencap Site (Includes Buffy & Angel caps)
BTVS Screencaps

Brush Resources:

Other resources:
compiled icon resources by dtissagirl
tutorial for animating icons in ImageReady by gnomeofsol
icon making tutorial by dtissagirl
another icon tutorial by dtissagirl
icon tutorial by crackers4jenn
mini-movie icon tutorial by crumblingwalls

Moderated by: roguefaith